Trinity Students

Trinity Students wants to help teenagers to know and trust Jesus so they might live with him and become like him.

With this goal in mind, Trinity Students seeks to be:

  • Christ Exalting: To worship and honor God with our whole lives. 
  • Family Focused: To come alongside parents so that together we can disciple our teenagers unto Christ.
  • Teen Relevant: To engage teens with the Gospel in a highly relational, relevant and fun way.

We get together to worship God, study his word, and pray. We also love to have fun and to serve in our community through our ministry partnerships. We hope you'll join us for our weekly time together on Sunday nights:

Middle School
Sunday evening from 5:00 to 6:30pm
Student Ministry Rooom.  Bring $5 if you'd like dinner!

High School
Sunday evening from 7:00 to 8:30pm
Student Ministry Room.  Bring $5 if you'd like dinner!


We take seriously the fact that you are entrusting your teenagers to our care. Our ministry team members have received training and protocols are in place to protect your teenagers. In addition, all of our volunteers are required to undergo a thorough background check. 


Weekly Ministry Email Archive

Beginning of Year Updates and Calendar


Female Youth Ministry Internship

Holy Trinity is offering a paid Youth Ministry Internship for a female. Click here for the job description. Contact Caleb for more details and to obtain an application. 



We want to help you or your teenager get connected with Trinity Students! To find out more about Trinity Students, please contact Caleb Burr.

 Rev. Caleb Burr Clergy Associate for Student Ministries

Rev. Caleb Burr
Clergy Associate for Student Ministries

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2017-2018 Year Calendar


To download and print a hard copy of the 2017-2018 calendar, click here!

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