A month ago, nearly 400 of us accepted the challenge to read 100 Bible passages over 100 days. You may have started strong, but somewhere over the past few weeks your daily resolve may have begun to wain. Don’t give up! If you’ve missed a few days or even a week, get back on track today!  And if you need to move the motivation needle, here’s some encouragement to keep you forging ahead:

You are not alone. Remember that we are doing this as a community. This isn’t just a personal experience, it’s a team effort. Talk about the day's passage with others, in your community group, with your family. Ask them what they are learning. Remember: No Lone Ranger Bible reading!

Make it work, make it fun! The E100 gives you a place to start but feel free to adapt as you figure out what works best for you. Write key words or verses on sticky notes and put them in your car or wallet. If you are a journaler, work it into your routine. Track your family’s progress with a wall chart. Make it competitive with your CG or friends and set up a prize for whoever completes the challenge (or comes closest to it).

Follow the story. It’s easier to build and keep momentum reading the Bible when you see how it’s all connected. That’s why the God’s Story sermon series is helpful to your E100 reading. Knowing that today’s reading is part of a bigger story (part of your story!) will help motivate you to “turn the page” and see what’s next.  

Trust that God is working.  You may not have an overwhelming experience reading the Bible each day, but God promises to use his word to shape us into the likeness of Jesus. Everything will be touched through spending time in God’s word: the desires of your heart, self-worth, work, friendships, marriage, and family. Keep reading, keep praying and trust God is at work. 

Don’t give up!  I promise, you won’t regret it.